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✧..Tired All The Time...✧


DJ | 2D Animator?/Digital/Traditional Creator | Black Female Artist✌🏽 | ENG only | Multifandom

☆Digital Illistrations☆

(late) 2020 - 2022



(old) 2020




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Rules & Terms of Service:

Payment method:

  • - The payment is through Paypal to this email: WIP

  • -All prices listed are in USD

  • - Tips aren't expected but they are highly appreciated!

  • -please, don't send in your payment until I approve of your idea !!

  • - If your request is approved, you must pay once I have completed it (which means I will not be sending over the finished piece until you have paid), otherwise, the comm will be canceled and you either will be blocked and or put on a blacklist. (which is the same thing)

To request your commission:

  • - Fill out this form, be brief and consistent in the description, and attach clear references once you request!

  • - Form Link --> WIP

  • -An email about your order will be sent to you shortly

  • - Only a maximum of 2 corrections can be made during the sketch.



*BYF : Before You Follow

I tend to use CAPS a lot in my messages when im happy or excited i do not mean any of it in a negative manner unless i say it is.I use tone indicators so when chatting with me make sure to use them when around me.I rt heavily on my twitter so beware of that it ain't my fault for liking something sm sjsjFixation is heavily high


*dni : do not interact

  • If you are under the age of 13

  • you are a racist, anti-BLM, anti acab

  • -You're a proshipper/anti-anti

  • People who make "band kid" jokes

  • your blogs containing political topics

  • -You ship or make headcanons for real people

  • ship minor/adult ships or support them in any way

  • DreamSMP stans. Yes, all of them. Especially Dream and Jschlatt

  • NFT users

Current Fandoms that I'm in:

Spooky Month, My Hero Academia. pokemon, marvel, Sky Children Of The Light, & Skullgirls

Tools I Use:

PaintToolSAI 2 (Art)
CSP EX (Animation)
Huion HS610 (what i draw on)


  • Any type of animal (dogs and birds specifically)

  • Kind people

  • Any type of fast food

  • VIDEO GAMES 100%

  • drawing

  • sweets (not too many)

  • Legos

  • people that use emojis in their text

  • pokemon

  • real friends

  • people who "genuinely" want to help you


  • people that dont listen to what you have to say

  • Swearing/Cussing

  • people that ask TOO many personal questions

  • Drowning

  • people that dont use tone tags that are preferred by other people

  • Annoying people

  • Social Media (the algorithm for artists suck /srs)

  • Weirdos

  • insects (yes even ladybugs and butterflies)

  • balloon's (globophobia)

  • clowns (Coulrophobia)

  • Horror Films (fnaf is fine but i dislike the utterly graphic tape videos of em)

  • People scaring me just for fun...

  • drama

  • callout posts of myself

  • getting yelled at in a negative manner

  • leaving my house lmao

  • Fictional/Non fictional irl comparisons of others' directed towards me (i hate them even if there directed towards any of my OC's)

  • asmr videos

  • haters

  • NFTS

  • s/h and sensitive topics involving issues at home etc don't talk with me about that i aint a therapist im sorry-

  • trolls

Characters I Kin💖: